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Why this course is a game-changer for Ayurveda therapists

If you’re an Ayurveda therapist looking to elevate your practice, this intensive specialty training on Pancha Karma may be precisely what you need. Designed to offer an in-depth, hands-on experience, the course is led by none other than Dr. Amruta and Miriam Alberts, well-known figures in the world of Ayurveda. But what makes this course stand out? And more importantly, how can it benefit your therapeutic career? Read on to find out.

What is Pancha Karma, and why should you care?

Pancha Karma is essentially the detoxification process in Ayurveda. It involves five key actions to cleanse the body, enabling better energy flow and equilibrium in the doshas. If you’re passionate about Ayurveda, you already know the significance of a well-executed Pancha Karma—it can be the cornerstone for healing and well-being for your clients. Mastering the intricacies of Pancha Karma can provide you with the skills needed to offer more specialized, more effective therapies.

What the training includes

In-class and online components

The training is a hybrid model that combines the best of both worlds: intensive in-person classes and ongoing online instruction. The course will start with 4 days of in-person classes in Hengelo in March (21+22+23+24) 2024. After that, the course will continue online, with 21 hours of content delivered as weekly 1-hour classes from the beginning of April to somewhere in August/September 2024.

Hands-on internship

That’s not all! After completing both in-class and online portions, each student will undertake an 8-day internship at Ayurdaay Nilayam, enabling real-world application of the knowledge acquired. This is an incredible opportunity to refine your skills under expert supervision.

What you’ll invest

For a course that offers in-depth, hands-on, and specialized training in one of Ayurveda’s most critical therapies, you’ll be investing 1995 euros. This fee covers the classes, but remember, you’ll also need to budget for room and meals during the course and internship period, starting at 55 euros a day.

Who should enroll

This course is open only to therapists with a minimum of 300 hours of training in Ayurveda, ensuring that all participants have solid foundational knowledge before diving into the complexities of Pancha Karma.

How to join

Interested? To secure your spot, all you need to do is email to express your intention to join. Moreover, there will be an online meeting with each interested student to discuss further details. This one-on-one conversation is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the course. For more in depth information on this Intensive Training, click here to read/download the PDF file “Overview of Speciality course in Clinical Panchkarma” by Dr. Amruta Athale.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking to specialize and offer your clients something extraordinary, then this Pancha Karma specialty training course is the ticket to your next level as an Ayurveda therapist.

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