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Bridget: I came, they saw, we conquered

I came, they saw, we conquered.
Smoking addiction leading to serious respiratory problems and Ayurvedic treatment offered a detox diet which I felt safe and supported going cold turkey on the nicotine tyrant.
I am delighted with the initiation of responsible weight reduction, which will cause good health and the elimination of severe swollen ankles leading to edema and serious heart disease.
The poor circulation was highly evident in purple enlarged patches on both legs and now massively reduced – I have ankles and walking sprightly.
Thanks a million to Dr. Shailesh and the beautiful Miriam Alberts for excellent treatment and to Aneesh for wonderful food, especially the last week.
The biggest thanks is to the amazing Yaan for her tolerance in sharing her home with strangers. May you grow in all your experience.

With much love

Bridget Thornton