Online Ayurveda Training 45 Hours

apr 2019

Subjects: Classes wil be based on Sutra’s from Astanga Hridayam Chapter 1-7 Subject of classes 3 Doshas 7 Dhatus Agni 20 Guna 6 Tastes Sattva-Rajas-Tamas Dinacharya, Ayurvedic daily routine Ayurveda and the Seasons Nutrition: Rasa, Veeya, Vipak Hours 45 hours online and around 2 to 4 hours a week self studie All classes will be […]

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Ayurveda Introduction Training

apr 2018

Introduction training 30 hours Topics: Introduction Dosha (3 types) Dhatu ( 7 tissues) Mala (wast products) Agni (digestive fire) Gunas (qualities) Rasa (tastes) Ayurveda and Dinacharya Ayurveda and the Seasons Price: 450 Euro Classes will be in English/ Dutch! Location & Dates for 2020 Hengelo: Oktober 2+16 November 13+27 December 11 Teachers and team: Miriam […]

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