jan 2022

Spring School in Hengelo with Doctor Amruta

May 2- May 8 (62 hours)

An Ayurveda program for students interested in learning Ayurveda

The program:


Influence of Vedic philosophy on Ayurveda and Human life Influence of Vedic principles on Human life

  1. Panch- Mahabhuta theory,
  2. Concept of universal evolution,
  3. Cause and effect theory,
  4. Similarity, and dis-similarity theory.

Explanation of these theories from Vedic literature and their application to human life and health

Considerations of Ayurveda Aim of Ayurveda, Major considerations of Ayurveda.

Structure of Ayurveda

Principles of Ayurveda
  1. Concept of Human elements like Doshas means active energies, tissues, excretes,
  2. Energetics of Ayurveda, Understanding properties in different objects like Food, herbs etc.
Concept of Constitution Concept and understanding of Prakruti and its importance in daily life.
Importance of Digestion in maintaining health Process of digestion and its importance in our health
Importance of Food and Nutrition
  1. Details of food groups and their properties with their impact on Human physical elements and psychological faculty.
  2. Rules of selection and consumption of food
  3. Rules for combining, cooking, and processing of the food.
  4. Meal planning
Daily and seasonal regimen
  1. Detail understanding of planning of day and seasons,
  2. Self care and detox methods for maintain and improving health
Concept of Immunity Concept of Immunity, Ways of improving Immunity
Marma therapy
Marma therapy
62 hours

Location: Hengelo

Price: 950 euro / BOOK in the webshop

For more details on time schedule please mail: info@ayurdaay.com