Online Ayurveda Training 45 Hours

apr 2019


Classes wil be based on Sutra’s from Astanga Hridayam Chapter 1-7

Subject of classes

  • 3 Doshas
  • 7 Dhatus
  • Agni
  • 20 Guna
  • 6 Tastes
  • Sattva-Rajas-Tamas
  • Dinacharya, Ayurvedic daily routine
  • Ayurveda and the Seasons
  • Nutrition: Rasa, Veeya, Vipak

Hours 45 hours online and around 2 to 4 hours a week self studie

All classes will be recorded. After class we will sent you the recording. In case you can not join the classes you can watch them on your own moment. All questions from the group will be collected and answered!

Costs: 495 euro (incl registration fee)

Registration: click here.