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We have established a new partnership with Sharada Hospital in Mangalore, India. We send students there to attend classes and patients to undergo treatments (Pancha Karma’s). This collaboration allows us to provide our students and patients with authentic Ayurvedic experiences in a serene and traditional setting.


Info for Students Who Only Want to Follow the Advanced Training During This Period (February 10-22, 2025, Mangalore, India)

For students interested in only the advanced training, here are the details:

Dates: February 10-22, Mangalore, India (2025)
Program Language: Course material and lessons in English
Focus: An advanced training covering the 8 branches of Ayurveda
Price: €1249 (all-inclusive). Payment: €500 deposit, remaining balance to be paid by October 1st, 2024
Recommendation: Pancha Karma after this period is not advised due to the heat

Info for Students Who Want to Follow the Advanced Training During This Period and Also Wish to Do a Pancha Karma Beforehand

If you wish to combine your advanced training with a Pancha Karma treatment:

Dates: February 10-22, Mangalore, India (2025)
Important: Book extra days before the advanced training for Pancha Karma
Cost: Only for stay and meals during Pancha Karma
Note: Traveling back immediately after Pancha Karma may not be comfortable for your stomach; consider extra recovery days

Info About the Study Program

Dates: February 10-22, Mangalore, India (2025)
Price: €1249 (all-inclusive)
Accreditation: KTNO number: working on it 🙂
Class Hours: 96 hours
Sunday: day off


  1. Human body — anatomy, physiology 
  2. Padartha vijnana — i.e., basic theories used for treatment in Ayurveda 
  3. Dravya guna (mode of action) — e.g., Deepana drugs, pachana what drug, krimi what drug 
  4. Rasa sastra — preparation of formulation 
  5. Rogi pareeksha — (done by roga nidana dept of pathology) practically with patients 
  6. Swastha vrutha — how to select diet, lifestyle modification on lifestyle diseases 
  7. Kayachikitsa — about opd cases, how doc see each diseased ac to srotas, doshas and what medicines 
  8. Pediatric age group — how to approach and give treatments 
  9. Gynecology issues and women health and its correction 
  10. ENT — diseases and treatments
  11. Psychiatry in Ayurveda 
  12. Panchakarma advanced 
  13. Shalya — Agni karma, including fissure and anorectal case

Requirements (for the study program)

— Study Duration: Minimum 300 hours
— Language Proficiency: Good to very good knowledge of English

I sign up for the advanced Ayurveda Training and/or Pancha Karma and receive an invoice for € 500 deposit

Important! We ask that you have completed at least 300 hours of Ayurvedic study to participate in this training. If you have completed this at Ayurdaay, please mention this below. Have you completed training elsewhere? If so, please send a copy of your degree or certificates to

Info for Those Who Only Want to Follow Pancha Karma (with Guidance) 

For those solely interested in Pancha Karma treatment (January–February 2025) — under the guidance of Ayurdaay on site:

— Dates: January–February, Mangalore, India (2025). Contact us at

— Recommendation: Pre-treatment preparation at home will reduce the number of Pancha Karma days needed due to prior cleansing (especially intestines).

Cost of Pancha Karma: Initial comprehensive consultation with Dr. Elsa and/or Dr. Tony + guidance before, during, and after the Pancha Karma by Ayurdaay: €225

During the comprehensive consultation, you will find out how many days of Pancha Karma you need. The cost of the Pancha Karma depends on the room choice and the number of days. Indicative daily rate is around €50-75 per day.

Detailed Description of Sharada Hospital

Sharada Ayurdhama Campus, Devinagar, Talapady, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575023, India

At Sharada Ayurveda Hospital, we offer authentic Vedic healing in its true essence. We provide 24×7 services with skilled doctors, dedicated nurses, well-trained therapists, modern infrastructure, and humble staff.

In-Patient Services/Room Categories:

  — Deluxe rooms with private Panchakarma therapy units

  — Special rooms with or without AC

  — Semi-special rooms

  — Male/female general ward

  — All rooms are well-lit, ventilated, hygienic, and well-maintained, with attached bathrooms, individual closets, nurse calling systems, and personal lockers.

Panchakarma Theaters

Our separate Panchakarma therapy units and private therapy rooms with deluxe facilities are hygienic and well-maintained. We offer a wide range of therapies and customized treatments for various diseases, including preventive and restorative treatments. Seasonal Panchakarma therapies like Vasanta Vamana and rejuvenative therapies, along with wellness packages, are also available. Our well-trained therapists and consultants ensure the accuracy of procedures through regular supervision.


Our well-equipped physiotherapy unit, staffed by a professional physiotherapist, helps patients recover from physical disabilities due to injury or long-standing disease conditions. We address back pain, neck pain, postural problems, joint and muscle pain, arthritis, sports injuries, and other conditions using manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electro therapy. 

Modular Operation Theater

We have a state-of-the-art modular operation theater for major surgeries like hernia repair, appendectomy, and anorectal surgeries. Unique Ayurvedic treatments like Ksharasutra and Ksharakarma are performed here for various anorectal conditions. Our minor operation theater handles parasurgical procedures like Jaloukavacharana (leech therapy), Agnikarma (therapeutic cauterization), Raktamokshana (blood-letting), and cupping.

Labor Theatre

Our specially designed labor room is equipped with all necessary equipment and supplies for a relaxing and personal birthing experience.

Pharmacy, Lab & X-Ray

Our pharmacy offers a wide range of authentic classical and proprietary medicines, herbal personal care products, and health and wellness supplements. We have a fully computerized lab with upgraded equipment and test methods for efficient and accurate diagnostic services. Various health checkup packages are available at affordable costs. We also have a digitalized X-ray unit and ECG facility.

Yoga & Meditation Hall

Our spacious Yoga and Meditation Hall vibrates with powerful spiritual energy, providing a calm and serene space for mental healing and relaxation. Trained and certified Yoga instructors conduct therapeutic Yoga sessions for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Supportive and rehabilitative sessions with pranayama are available for various neurological and systemic diseases. Yoga for mental health, including treatments for depression, anxiety, and stress, is also offered. Guided meditation sessions are part of the program. We organize Yoga classes for healthy individuals and sessions for children to enhance cognitive skills and memory, as well as supportive treatments for autism, ADHD, and other developmental disorders.


Our casualty department provides emergency medical services with immediate care for patients who arrive without prior appointments, either on their own or via ambulance. The department has its own ambulance available on call for patients.

Pathyahara Unit & Canteen

Our pathyahara unit offers a wide array of Ayurvedic detox drinks, nourishing and rejuvenating dishes, lentil soups, and other tasty, nutritious snacks prepared hygienically. Recommendations and changes are made by our expert dieticians according to patients’ dietary needs and tastes, aiding faster recovery. We also have a vegetarian canteen serving patients, visitors, and staff.

Dental Clinic

Our dental clinic is equipped with sophisticated instruments and provides comprehensive dental treatments.

General Medicine — Kayachikitsa

While modern medicine excels in technological advancements and emergency management, it often lacks a holistic approach. Ayurveda, on the other hand, considers individual sensibilities, especially digestive and metabolic activity, in treatment design. Kayachikitsa, one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, deals with multisystem diseases in adults, managing conditions involving the nervous, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and urogenital systems.

At Sharada, we handle challenging cases like G.B Syndrome, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Parkinson’s disease, Sciatica, Paralysis, Thyroiditis, and Vasculitis. We utilize unique classical references of Rasayana to manage these diseases, which has been key to our success. Understanding an individual’s Prakruti and analyzing the involved doshas is crucial in disease management. Our Department of Kayachikitsa follows this tradition, standing together for the health and well-being of every person who seeks our help.