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Ayurvedic Training with Support from Indian Doctors


During this training, Ayurvedic doctors (BAMS, MD, PhD) from India will teach subjects from Kayachikitsa to help and support Ayurveda Therapists worldwide with their cases and clients.

Teacher: Dr. Elsa: BAMS MD
Working as associate professor in Ayurveda university in India.

Duration is 8 months

Price: € 575

Study books, Kayachikitsa from Dr. Ranade (you can find it online)

Location: ZOOM

Data: from 5 November 2023

This training is accredited by the Dutch KTNO: K9488

How it Works

Each student can bring in a subject of their choice, and the doctor will teach you, as a therapist, what you can offer to your clients. This includes areas such as diet, lifestyle, herbs, and treatments.

Sample Subjects

Here are some subjects from previous years to give you an idea of what is possible: Burn-Out, PMS, endometriosis, lower back pain, migraine, high pitta, low agni, obesity, hair loss, depression, colitis, arthritis, cough, and more.


Many therapists struggle to know where to start or find support in their work with clients. Ayurdaay has been working with a team of doctors from India for years to provide support to their students.

Miriam’s Journey

Miriam, the owner of Ayurdaay, arranged this kind of help for herself during her study of Ayurveda. After completing an Ayurveda training in the Netherlands, she went to India to further her studies. Her friends, the Indian doctors, have been teaching, helping, and supporting her with the school she started in the Netherlands.

Target Audience

This training is designed for students in Ayurveda with a good basic knowledge of the subject. Students from Ayurdaay have completed 300 hours of Ayurveda Study, so students from outside should have a similar level of knowledge to maintain an equal study group.

What You Get

You will receive 8 months of support from an Ayurveda doctor. Please refer to the schedule for more details.

Class Structure

After each 1-hour class, you will be assigned homework, which may include preparing case records, addressing prevention and correction with a diet plan, and incorporating yoga asanas if necessary. The focus will be on comprehensive lifestyle corrections and shamana shodana.

DATECLASS (Central European Time)
05-11-238.30 AM
15-11-239.00 AM
26-11-238.30 AM
06-12-239.00 AM
17-12-238.30 AM
10-01-249.00 AM
28-01-248.30 AM
07-02-249.00 AM
18-02-248.30 AM
28-02-249.00 AM
03-03-248.30 AM
13-03-249.00 AM
24-03-248.30 AM
03-04-249.00 AM
14-04-249.00 AM
24-04-248.30 AM
08-05-249.00 AM
19-05-248.30 AM
29-05-249.00 AM
05-06-248.30 AM

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